About me

My name is Aleksandr Zidyganov. I’m a Front-End developer and live in Russia, Perm.

At the end of 2007, I started learning HTML/CSS technology - I always enjoyed computer science. And at 2008, I began to take to coding projects (PSD to HTML) by a freelancer. Today I still do what I love - front-end.

During this time, I have created many lines of code and completed many projects.

I work with modern technologies, can create SPA(Single Page Applications, when the client provide to me backend API). I work with Vue.js. I have experience with other JavaScrip frameworks(React, Angular).

I have more than ten years of experience in Front-End. I started work when we don't have good cross browsers solutions and Web Standards. When jQuery was the TOP point for the front-end. I am happy for new developers - they have all the knowledge(standards, online courses, etc.) to become good developers quickly.

Years later, I still enjoy coding - creating cool Web pages (PSD to HTML, or Sketch, Figma, AI, etc., to HTML). I want to be an expert in one area - I do not want to be like a multi-tool.

Of course, I learn modern web technology and look at the way of the Web Industry. I can setup base web server (VPS), can work with Docker, can work with much CMS. But I prefer create HTML/CSS code.

In early 2020 I met with TailwindCSS - now I prefer to work with it. I used CSS methodology BEM many years before.

I'm open for new cool projects. I'll take part of development CSS/HTML (using TailwindCSS) without JavaScript dynamic (this will allow you to use different JS frameworks). Your developers will be making the business logic of a web application - they will not be distracted by creating HTML/CSS code from design sources. For collecting UI I use Fractal - developers will have no difficulty in using HTML/CSS code.

Contact me, and let me know about your fantastic project!