Hello. Today I want to tell you about my experience with time-management technic like Pomodoro. About this, you can read on Wiki.

I use this methodology for several years. It's helping me to be productive. I tell you my story.

When you are young - you can work (coding) 12-18 hr per day  - your body and brain can work in this rhythm (I have this experience). Of course, it's the wrong way - but when you are young (16 to 27 years old), you don't think about it. You think you can move mountains. You take energetic drinks, coffee, at the end of the day, you didn't feel fatigued. I was this man, loved my work, spend much time for learning and practice. But then, you more than 30+, your family - kids take your almost all free time. And the end of the workday, you feel self like a squeezed lemon. And one of the days I read an article about the Pomodoro technique. I thought it could work and tried to do it. And now I already use it for several years and don't stop using it in my every workday.

I set up it like one Pomodoro is 45 minutes, a short break is  5 min break. After 4 Pomodoro, I take an extended break - 30min. Why 45min not 25 like recommend - I think it is related to length our lessons in school or high school are 40-45min (in Russia) - and it works for me better than 25min (I think it's a developed habit). I take 5-7 Pomodoro per my workday for freelance tasks. And 2-3 for self-improvement. For to track, I use Be Focused app (it's not an ad.).

Pomodoro technic recommends taking full concentration on one task. Before you start your Pomodoro - you must see a goal for this round. And of course, turn off all distractions (messengers, email). I know we must check emails and messages - I do it after my Pomodoro has done. Answer if it needed to do it immediately. After that, I take a break. My break is full change my activity - it's mean if I work my brain - in a break, I work by my hands and feet - always stand up from my chair - do a little workout. I drink coffee if I want to. In a long break, I do something like a walk in the park, a house cleaning (I help my wife if I work at home), take lunch, or something else. I'm a freelancer, and I can planing my workday and take a break about 2hr and go to swimming pull.

With these actions at the end of the workday, I feel full of strength for my children and wife. So Pomodoro gives me a much productive and happy family.

Guys, never forget to take a break and think about your self. I hope this Pomodoro methodology will help someone else. Cheers!