Hi there! I think everyone once time told yourself “Oh god when the day is over!  I am so wiped out!”. I’m no different. And maybe you ask yourself “How to stay productive?”. And as I grow older, it becomes more often. I’m a freelancer, and I work on a computer every work day - and of course, clean mind and cheerfulness must be faithful companions on a full day. I found things which do this possible for me, and I tell you about main things.

1. Workspace

CSSCODER.PRO my workspace

I organized my permanent workplace. It can’t be sofa or bed) when I try to work on my bed I am falling asleep(checked more than once). Above you can see my current workspace.

2. Music


I love different music, and sometimes it helps me to be a focus. But not for a long time. But I felt that I needed the music, I can’t work in silence. And I found two good service Focus@Will and Brain.fm and use it both. When I work I turn-on Focus@will it helps me to be at the focus for a long time. About brain.fm you can read below. For listening, I use wireless headphones Sony 1000xm2 .

3. Pomodoro Technique

CSSCODER.PRO Pomodoro Technique

About this technique, you can read on official site. After I started to use this technique, I didn’t feel wiped out at the end of work day. I work 25min focus and 5min rest (of course I didn’t start and end by an ideal timer - but I try to follow because we do n’t hammer nails - we work head). For Pomodoro, I use this application Be Focused.

4. Daytime sleep

CSSCODER.PRO my Daytime sleep

When you are a freelancer, you can yourself allocate work time - and it’s perfect! I break my work day into two parts and in between, I have a daytime sleep. When I go to a day nap, I take headphones and open Brain.FM - recharge option. It’s beneficial for me. When I wake up, I feel myself like morning - full energy and clean mind.

5. Drink clean water

CSSCODER.PRO Drink clean water

Once a day I drink a cup of coffee or tea at other time I drink clean water. I drink about 2.5 liters of clean water per day. I read many articles about water significance. I can’t answer how it’s works - but it’s work for me I experimented on myself)

6. Night sleep

CSSCODER.PRO Night sleep

Night sleep it’s most important. I sleep about 6-7hr per day. I go to sleep at 11 pm and wake up at between 5-6am. When I was young, I can work about 18hr per day, and it was normal (before I became freelancer on a full-time, I took projects and work evening and night. I went to sleep at 4am and at 9am I was on my permanent work. The desire to change jobs was more than the desire to sleep). My advice do not work on client’s projects more than 6hr in focused - otherwise you can burnout (I got burnout twice, and even tried change job).


I hope my experience can help someone to be more productive.