Hey there! On a photo above you can see my pretty girls (we rested in Sochi, Russia - 2018). They are my miracle and the meaning of life.

So I want to tell you a short BIO about me.

My name is Alexander Zidyganov. I’m a senior Front-End developer from Russia, Perm. After graduating from the Perm National Research Polytechnic University a degree in Electrification and Automation industrial enterprises I worked in the Novomet (factory for the oil and gas industry) by a Senior Engineer in the quality department (5 years).

At the end of 2007, I started learning HTML/CSS technology - I always had interesting in computer science. And at 2008 I began to take to work projects (PSD to HTML) by a freelancer (I continued to work in the Novomet).

In 2012 I started work Front-End developer (remotely) in big online store Russia Sotmarket - almost year. After the year I worked by freelancer on full-time. In 2015 I took a full-time position in office for work on a cool project. After the project was being done, I got a full-time position in a good project about school leisure in Russia Inlearno. One year later I’m back to freelance, and a little later at the start of 2017 start working on Upwork.com (you can see my profile here). Almost full 2018 year I worked by senior Front-End developer on a full-time in WANDR studio.

Right now I’m freelancer again). And open for new projects.

About my experience:

  • I have more than ten years in Front-End development.
  • My main specialization is converting the design to HTML/CSS/js aka PSD to HTML.
  • My oldest web browser for support is Internet Explorer 5.5.
  • I have experience work with some CSS methodology like SMACSS, OOCSS, BEM. Right now I use BEM.
  • CSS I write via SCSS(pre-processor). Before I use LESS and Stylus.
  • For HTML sometimes I use PUG, but ofter use Handlebars and Nunjucks template engines.
  • My favorite js framework is Vue.js (I use it instead jQuery.js)
  • For build Front-End I use Blendid based on Gulp+Webpack and sometimes my builder based on Webpack.
  • In projects I use HTML5, CSS3, JS(ES2015)
  • I use Adobe(Illustrator, Photoshop, XD), Sketch.app, Avocode, Zeplin, Figma.
  • I have experience setup VPS server on Ubuntu 16.08 (Nginx, PHP, SFTP, Jenkins)
  • Have experience setup Mailgun.com for contact form and subscribe.
  • Also I have good experience in Email coding, and I have couple open source for this: template and grid

Thank You for reading!

Are you interesting work with me? Please contact me!